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At Tracer Electric Inc., we understand that electrical system breakdowns can lead to inefficient downtime and liability issues. For this reason, our commercial electricians in Kamloops are available to efficiently deliver quality electrical services that include installations, maintenance and much more. We offer an extensive range of services to facilities such as hotels, multi-unit apartment buildings, warehouses, healthcare buildings, offices, and other commercial spaces.


Our electricians in Kamloops are insured, trained and certified to provide electrical solutions of all types. We have the tools, staff, and skills to ensure your commercial enterprise has the solid electrical infrastructure it needs to succeed.


Please contact us if you have any questions for our team. Check out our gallery of commercial projects.

Our Commercial Electrical Services

New construction
Tenant improvements
Fire alarm installations and troubleshooting
Civil electrical — parking lot/street lighting and energy retrofits
Service upgrades
Lighting upgrades
Emergency services
Motion/occupancy sensor installation
Exit and emergency lighting installations and troubleshooting
Electrical vehicle charger installations

Wiring and troubleshooting of motors and starters

Variable frequency drives wiring and troubleshooting

Whether you are planning a new build, looking to update your old building wiring or need emergency electrical services, we can help you.

What Constitutes Electrical Maintenance?

Thanks to electrical component design and quality advancements, modern electrical systems can operate smoothly for extended periods. However, this can sometimes lead building owners and operators to underestimate the importance of regular maintenance. This underscores the critical role of electrical maintenance in uninterrupted commercial building operations.

Electrical maintenance encompasses a comprehensive range of tasks, including testing, monitoring, repairing, and replacing various elements within an electrical system. Typically carried out by a licensed professional well-versed in the Canadian Electrical Code and local regulations, this process addresses diverse areas such as:

  • Digital communication

  • Electrical machinery

  • Generators

  • Hydraulics

  • Lighting systems

  • Surge protection

  • Transformers

Given the growing reliance on data collection and software-operated machinery, the significance of electrical maintenance has never been greater. A single component failure in the electrical system can lead to substantial downtime or data loss.

Our Electrical Contractors in Kamloops

Without a doubt, electrical contractors play an essential role in construction projects. Our electricians are responsible for designing and maintaining electrical systems in your home, office, or industrial building. For us, our customers are our number one priority.


At Tracer Electric Inc., we strive to build long-lasting relationships with our clients. We pay close attention to details, meeting your diverse yet specific electrical needs in Kamloops. We are committed to offering safe, efficient, and effective services. Feel free to get in touch with us for more information. We would be happy to answer your questions.

Electrical Maintenance in Kamloops

Electrical maintenance ensures the safety, reliability, and efficiency of electrical systems and equipment. It involves various activities, including regular inspections, testing, repairs, and preventive measures to prevent electrical failures and hazards. Proper electrical maintenance helps extend the lifespan of equipment, reduces the risk of electrical fires, and minimizes downtime in both residential and commercial settings. It's a proactive approach to safeguarding electrical systems, making them more dependable and cost-effective in the long run.

Choosing Tracer Electric Inc. for Your Commercial Electrical Maintenance Needs in Kamloops

Commercial electrical maintenance is vital for the seamless operation of businesses in Kamloops. Tracer Electric Inc. stands out as the best choice for this crucial service. Our need for commercial electrical maintenance is twofold: ensuring safety and guaranteeing uninterrupted productivity.

Safety is paramount, and our commitment to a secure environment for our staff and customers necessitates regular maintenance. We at Tracer Electric Inc., a trusted commercial electrician in Kamloops, offer a team of experienced professionals who conduct thorough inspections, identify potential hazards, and implement timely fixes. This proactive approach minimizes safety risks and complies with local regulations.

In the commercial world, downtime can translate to substantial financial losses. Our expert team has a deep understanding of our specific needs. It consistently delivers top-notch service, making it the go-to choice for any business seeking reliable commercial electrical maintenance in Kamloops. Contact us now!

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Our commercial electricians in Kamloops would love to partner with you. Please contact us to arrange a quote.

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Licensed and Insured Electrical Work

Don’t risk the safety of your family, home, business, and customers with faulty wiring. Employ the experienced electrical installation professionals at Tracer Electric Inc. We provide upgrades and maintenance that can extend the life of your electrical equipment.

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Emergency Callouts

Is your breaker tripped in your panel, or is a fuse blown in your disconnect? You can call us 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for emergency repairs.

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Electricians for New Construction

Dealing with a new construction project can be extensive, so you must have expert electricians. As one of the most trusted electrical contractors in the area, we are dedicated to ensuring our clients’ electrical systems are functional. For an initial consultation, call us.

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