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Residential Electricians in the Interior of British Columbia

Our Kamloops-based residential electricians are here to ensure your electrical system is in top condition. You will see that we excel at troubleshooting! In some cases, one of our journeyman electricians may be able to solve your issue over the phone at no charge. Over the years, we have gained experience and expertise to diagnose faulty wiring and inspect the smallest detail in your electrical wiring. If you require service, simply call us. You can rely on us to take on all your residential electrical projects, including but not limited to:


New home construction (custom and spec)
Multi-family buildings
Log homes
ICF and SIPs homes
Low-voltage data, cable, and sound wiring
Lighting upgrades
Service upgrades
Mobile home CSA certification
Installation of copper pig tails
Emergency electrical work
Backup generators installation
25’ and 30’ service metering poles pre built ready to be delivered to your property
Electrical vehicle charger installations

CSA Certification

Are you planning to sell your mobile home in British Columbia? It must have a CSA certification label. The CSA mark reassures a potential buyer that your unit has been inspected and tested by an accredited third party, who certifies it meets all required safety standards.


We can inspect and provide certification services for your manufactured or mobile home, as well as perform any necessary modifications or upgrades. You will need a new CSA certification mark, if:

  • The original label is missing

If you have the CSA label but have had extra circuits added or existing circuits altered, all you need is for that work to be done under permit. If a permit cannot be provided for the additional work, we can help you.

Paperwork Taken Care Of

We will complete all the necessary forms and take care of the required permits to quickly obtain your CSA certification. If you or your realtor feel that your mobile home needs a certification or recertification prior to being listed for sale, call us now. You can also request a free estimate for our certification services.

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collaboration for electrical work

Licensed and Insured Electrical Work

Don’t risk the safety of your family, home, business and customers with faulty wiring. Employ the experienced electrical installation professionals at Tracer Electric Inc. We provide upgrades and maintenance that can extend the life of your electrical equipment.

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Emergency Callouts

Is a breaker tripped in your panel or a fuse blown in your disconnect? You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency repairs.

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Electrical Repairs and Alterations

Worried that your lights flicker or your circuit breakers trip frequently? Don’t let electrical problems go unchecked when Tracer Electric Inc offers safe solutions at reasonable rates. If you need a panel upgrade or surge protection, our electricians help protect you and your property. Be safe and call for electrical repairs in Kamloops. Tracer Electric Inc takes 24/7 emergency calls.

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