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Preferred Electricians in Kamloops

We have been serving the Interior of British Columbia since 2006. For all aspects of electrical work, get in touch with us today.



Commercial Electrical Work

Safe working electrical systems.



Agricultural Operations

Whether you operate a small farm or a large operation, we can help.



Residential Electrical Work

Upgrade your home’s electrical system today.



Electrical System Maintenance

Keep your electrical system in top condition with our maintenance service.

Experienced Electricians in Kamloops and the Interior of British Columbia

An electrician plays an important role in ensuring you have a safe and efficient electrical system. Tracer Electric Inc is a locally owned and operated electrical company serving the Interior of British Columbia. Our electricians in Kamloops have been serving clients since 2006 and are a preferred choice in the area. Thanks to our team, training, and experience, we can tackle a wide variety of commercial, residential, agricultural, and light industrial electrical projects. We will provide a fast, friendly and reliable service. We don't just want you to choose our services — we want you to be glad you did!


Consider us for customized electrical services, as we strive to meet your diverse yet specific electrical needs. Please contact us if you'd like to learn more about our electrical services in Kamloops.

Electrical Services We Offer in Kamloops

Who doesn’t like to have safe and energy-efficient electrical systems for their homes and offices in Kamloops? Our electricians in Kamloops can assist you with:


Commercial services:

  • Whether you have a small or large business in Kamloops, our experienced electricians can assist you with quality services. We understand the importance of energy-saving solutions when it comes to electricity bills. In addition, electrical faults might result in low business productivity, affecting your daily business or commercial operations.
  • You can count on Tracer Electric for fire alarms, exit, and emergency lighting installation and troubleshooting, along with tenant improvements, and new ground up projects.

Agricultural services:

  • Like other industries, the agricultural sector needs safe, effective and efficient electrical services. You can count on us to install yard lights, stock waterers, update septic system wiring, wire and troubleshoot electric pumps, and pivots.
  • We can assist you with motors, roto-phases, boiler systems, and installing 25’ and 30’ metering poles that are pre-built for your farm or rural property.
  • We believe that rural communities are important, so we also offer yearly sponsorships to support agricultural youth exams.

Residential services:

Energy-efficient homes are everyone’s dream, and at Tracer Electric, we strive to deliver just that with our residential electrical services in Kamloops. Our electricians offer various services such as electrical troubleshooting, the diagnosis of faulty wirings, and other electrical projects.

  • In addition, we offer our electrical services for new construction, renovations, apartments, and multi-family buildings.
  • Our electricians in Kamloops can assist you with mobile home CSA certification.

Electrical maintenance:

  • Electrical maintenance is necessary for the protection of your electrical systems and equipment.
  • Our electricians in Kamloops can assist with ground fault detection, detailed electrical inspections, or emergency electrical works.
  • Our electricians can also assist you with preventative maintenance & component checks.

Why Hire an Electrician?

To complete the job safely and efficiently, are just a couple of the reasons to hire a professional electrician:

  • Experience: The team of licensed electricians at Tracer Electric Inc. have the hands-on experience to diagnose issues with your system accurately and provide efficient repairs. Their experience enables them to tackle any problem that arises safely and correctly.

  • Comprehensive services: When it comes to electrical systems, our electricians can do it all. They are equipped to provide you with repairs, installations, renovations, upgrades and much more.

  • Tools: When you enlist the help of Tracer Electric Inc., you are provided with a team that is trained and up to date on cutting edge tools and equipment.

  • Time and money: Our experienced electricians get the job done efficiently. This will also prevent any time and money wasted on unnecessary system damage.

  • Safety: Most importantly, the electricians at Tracer Electric Inc.  adhere to strict standards of quality and safety to avoid injuring themselves and others.

When Experience Matters


Our highly skilled electricians are trained, licensed, and insured to offer quality workmanship. At Tracer Electric, we pay close attention to details to fix the electrical fault at its source.


Our electricians in Kamloops also provide emergency services and electrical maintenance. So whether you are looking for a residential, commercial or agricultural electrician, give us a call

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